Georgia Hemp Industries Membership

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Georgia Hemp Industries. Joining GHI supports our work across the Georgia to make the hemp plant available to all who can benefit from its many positive uses. 

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Why Join GHI?

Joining GHI comes with a myriad of benefits for both individuals and businesses interested in Georgia’s hemp industry.

Working for you

Georgia Hemp Industries is a professional trade association that works on behalf of hemp growers, processors, retailers and ancillary businesses in Georgia.

Marketing Opportunities

GHI offers members at the Business Membership level and above access to powerful marketing tools, such as social media promotion, directory listing with a backlink to your website, tabling at GHI events, promotion to our newsletter list, speaking opportunities and much more.

Industry Access

GHI members have special access to networking opportunities with other members online and in person as well as member-only discounts from other Georgia hemp businesses.


Georgia Hemp Industries includes farmers, retailers, processors, manufacturers, researchers, investors, organizations and businesses of all sizes who participate in Georgia's hemp industry.

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