Georgia Industrial Hemp Bill Introduced … And More

HB 465

Georgia Representative John Pezold (R-Columbus) submitted an Industrial Hemp Bill for consideration in the Georgia House on 2/22/2017.  The Bill proposes the creation of an Industrial Hemp Commission and the establishment of a Hemp research program in cooperation with state universities.

I reached out to Representative Pezold and asked him why he thought the bill was important.  He told me, “It’s long past time for Georgia to embrace hemp again. It was made illegal in large part because of the threat it posed to plastics manufacturers, as the plant is used in a myriad of products, among them plastic, textiles, and soap. There’s no telling how many jobs will be created with the legalization of this plant.”

I couldn’t agree more.

The full list of sponsors is Pezold, John 133rd(2) Pruett, Jimmy 149th(3) Peake, Allen 141st (4) McCall, Tom 33rd(5) Tarvin, Steve 2nd.

It makes sense that Representative Allen Peake, Georgia’s Champion for CBD/THC cannabis oil for Georgia’s needy patients, would support this bill.

Thank you, Representative Pezold and co-sponsors, for ignoring the “boogie weed” and researching this matter.

HR 340

In the meantime, Representatives (1) Clark, Heath 147th(2) Peake, Allen 141st(3) Gravley, Micah 67th (4) Clark, David 98th(5) Dempsey, Katie 13th(6) Battles, Paul 15th have submitted a House Resolution, calling on Congress to consider legislation on policies for hemp and marijuana that would  allow states to set their own marijuana and hemp policies without federal interference.  This is a giant step for Georgia.

Not surprisingly, Representative Allen Peake is also a co-sponsor of this Resolution.  Representative Micah Gravely, another co-sponsor, is also a strong advocate of getting cannabis medicine to Georgia patients.

Thank you, Representative Clark and co-sponsors, for telling Congress this is none of the Federal government’s business.

A Brighter Future for Cannabis In Georgia

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES that the members of this body believe that federal laws, including the Controlled Substances Act, should be amended to explicitly allow states to set their own marijuana and hemp policies without federal interference and urge the administration not to undermine state marijuana and hemp policies“.

These are words from HR340 that lift my heart, that give me hope.  Knowing that we have Georgia legislators that recognize the base reasons for the criminalization of Hemp and Marijuana and that recognize this is a States’ Rights issue, is encouraging.


We should all reach out to our Georgia Representatives who have sponsored HB465 and HR340, thank them, and give them a symbolic pat on the back.

Hemp can Make America Great Again!!


  1. Tammy kight

    I own a lot of farm land. Is there a market for me to grow?

    1. Leann Arp

      Did you get an answer we have a farm and u retested as well

      1. Leann Arp


    2. Tom McCain

      There CAN be a market, Tammy. It’s a matter of several issues coming together. Both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate have passed the 2018 Farm Bill. State Representative Tom McCall is heading the drive to get Hemp into Georgia as an “experimental” crop, administered by the University system. It ain’t perfect, but it’s a start. Contact your State Rep and Senator and tell them to support the legalization of Hemp cultivation in Georgia.

  2. Steven dowell

    Absolutely need to decriminalize this god given herb. We need the tax revenue in our state and not be sending our money to the drug cartels of foreign countries!!!!!

  3. may yang


  4. Fred

    Hello Tammy,
    The profit for farming hemp as a proven sustainable crop is for the visionary entrepreneur like yourself. Once Georgia approves the experimental hemp research program, we can help you with 100% certified organic soil amendments which will give you the competitive edge in the Georgia hemp market.
    Best regards,
    Aiye Alkame

  5. Clarence Williams

    I would like to purchase farming property and begin to grow.

  6. Barry Free

    Tammy, please contact me re : hemp . Bhfree12@gmail .com

  7. John Rymer

    Can you now farm hemp legally in Georgia?

  8. JG HILL

    I have land in which hemp can be grown. Grows hay and wheat now, so it produces well. Would like more info.

    JG Hill

    1. Tom McCain

      Keep checking with us. Georgia could very well be taking steps regarding hemp production during the 2018-2019 legislative session.

      1. Nathan Kimsey

        Tom, I’m not sure how get in touch with you outside of this forum, but please email me when you get this

  9. Eric

    Is it legal to grow hemp in Georgia??

    1. Tom McCain

      Not yet. Georgia law does not differentiate between Hemp and Marijuana

  10. I own a cbd company and would love to grow the hemp necessary to produce it myself. Please keep me up to date!

  11. Twilla R Booker

    I am starting a new chapter in life as a Widow of a veteran.
    I would love to be a grower and CBS retailer. Plz keep me in loop.

  12. Mario

    I need advice on a location for my hemp related business Im franchising. Where in Atlanta is a great location for this kind of business.

  13. Aberdeen Allen


  14. Missy

    Ok is it legal to buy for medical reasons in Georgia but not to grow it? Just trying to make sure I am up to date.

  15. Tom

    Small farm; interested

  16. Christopher Perdue

    I’m very interested in hemp farming for Georgia looking to buy a lot of farm land. Would they be any opportunity for someone like myself become hemp farmer in Georgia. I’m ready determined to become one of Georgia top hemp cultivators.

  17. Diann Clark Heninger

    I have farm land and would like to grow hemp what forms or laws to I have to pass to proceed with getting licensed and approved Thanks

  18. Greg Smith

    I am a retired 38 year veteran and would to learn more about growing the hemp plant. I currently own 50 acres and recently harvested the timber so the land ready to grow hemp when it’s approved. Please keep me poste on any educational classes. Thanks!

    Greg Smith

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