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Here are a few of the latest updates on hemp in Georgia and across the country.

Copper Mountain Hemp Traders

From a very nice 1400 square foot space in Blue Ridge, Georgia, Stephen Bradley operates Copper Mountain Hemp Traders, providing customers both local and online access to premium, lab-tested CBD and Delta-8 THC products at…

Who Is Georgia Hemp Dawgs?

We took a ride to South Georgia recently to visit Jimmy Hornbuckle, DBA Georgia Hemp Dawgs, LLC, at his indoor hemp grow in Valdosta. There we met with Jimmy, his lovely wife Sankie, and his…

USDA General Counsel Issues Hemp Memorandum

Stay with us at Georgia Hemp Industries for information about emerging developments in the re-legalization of the Hemp Industry.

Hempcrete for building

In the rush to get rich by growing Hemp for CBD extraction, we Georgians shouldn’t forget about the many other uses of Hemp. We need to be looking at long-term investments in processing other materials from this versatile plant.

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Nothing Stirring In The General Assembly About Hemp … BUT

Will We See Movement? The first two weeks of the 2019 - 2020 Georgia Legislative Session are nearly over, with not a word about Hemp.  So I called Representative Jimmy Pruett's office, knowing he has been involved…

Georgia Law Doesn’t Prohibit The Processing of Cannabis Stalks and Stems

An Interesting Fact There has never been a prohibition of Hemp "industry" in Georgia.  Just Hemp cultivation.  We have always had the ability to import dried hemp OR marijuana STALKS into Georgia. OCGA 16-13-21 lists…