Good Old Virginia, Home to Many of Our Founding Fathers

Virginia has thumbed its nose at the Federal Government.  Every single representative of the Virginia House of Delegates voted yes to this proposition, yielding a 98-0 majority in favor of the hemp farming initiative which would grant its citizens the right to grow and process hemp products, with licensing. While Georgia’s lawmakers try to burden … Read more

Cannabis and Georgia Law Enforcement

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Georgia Law Enforcement Executives have drawn their “line in the sand”. They are against in-State cultivation of cannabis, in any form. No big surprise here, really. Their position is, Cannabis is illegal and they are enforcers of the law. It’s that simple for them. Or is it? If their only interest is in enforcing the law, why are they so adamantly opposed to the law being changed? If they are purely unbiased and only enforce the Law, why are they trying to influence Legislators?

WV Bill Would Allow Industrial Hemp Production Without Federal Permission

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via the Tenth Amendment Center CHARLESTON, W. Va. (Jan. 25, 2016) – A West Virginia bill would allow the state hemp seed commissioner to issue licenses for industrial hemp production without first obtaining federal waivers. Passage of this legislation would set the foundation to nullify in practice the unconstitutional federal prohibition of hemp within the … Read more